Vice Principal

On behalf of the Kingston Public School ( KPS ) I am very happy to invite you to see for yourself the opportunities that abound at KPS. We motivate our students in such a way that they tread the path of learning and innovation for life. We accept students of all academic levels and hone their skills in such a manner that failures become the stepping stones to trail-blazing success.

Our visionary Chairman Mr. BK Rawat Sir created a roadmap to implement the strategic agenda to achieve specific goals. Under his experienced guidance; comprehensive initiatives were implemented to elevate each aspect of education so as to make teaching informative and awaken the curiosity of the students. The multidisciplinary streams right till class 12 blend academic leaning with the aptitude of students so that it captivates their fascination for their subjects.

We are an accredited examination center for open schooling This firmly establishes our credibility as one of the finest education contact points even for those who were not able to get the opportunity to study at an early age due to lack of infrastructure in far flung areas or due to poverty or even plain apathy.

There are dedicated parent teacher meetings approximately in 45 to 60 days so as to share the performance of the child and address the concerns that parents might have regarding their child’s future prospects. Parents are also free to walk in at any time should there be a need to meet the teachers or school management.

I and my motivated staff eagerly await your arrival at campus to share your unique prospective about the blend of education and extracurricular activities. Please feel free to contact us through phone in case you need any assistance in reaching us.

With regards

Maninder Parashar

Vice Principal