MD’s Message

As we embark upon the 23rd year of our glorious journey l’d will like to thank one and all to make this a roller coaster ride. We had set up Kingston Public School with the aim of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of parents and students. To provide sound basic education in English Medium along modern lines. The selection of faculty was on the criteria that they recognize and realize it as the most urgent and sacred part of their duty for the formation of the character of students entrusted to their care.
We adopted as our goal, the best from our rich and varied heritage and inculcate a perfect all round education and development (in mind, physique and mental attitude) of the students which shall in him, lead them to be worthy, true and good citizens, of whom our country-India shall be proud of. While providing a full and liberal education we had the objective of turning out young men and women with keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, self reliance, integrity and loyalty.
We have inspired creativity in our students to discover their innate talents and aptitudes and help them visualize their future works towards actualizing their goals. While the journey so far has been more than satisfactory and in accordance with healthy regard to tradition, we now are moving into hi-tech. fast moving liberal world of future. With a hearty thank you for all your support, I look forward to your renewed co-operation for our onward march.