Academic Facilities

The School follows workshop method of instruction & Students are encouraged to learn by doing things practically. The School has well qualified and competent Staff . All the teaching Staff is trained and well versed in their subject.

Physic Lab

Laboratory is a place where the principles of science can be verified and comprehended in a much better way. Hence, there is a great importance in having a physics laboratory in schools, The physics laboratory in our school is a spacious one and we are having good quality apparatus for all the experiments which are prescribed as per the latest CBSE Curriculum. Painted charts on wooden boards explaining the concepts of advanced level physics are put up on the walls of the lab.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab in our school is a spacious, well ventilated with white walls well equipped with all the modern tools required for chemistry experiments. It is a delight to work and carry out experiments in the lab. The experiments that we perform in lab make the learning of chemistry even more interesting and fun.
The chemistry lab is very well maintained with proper and regular supply of gas and water required for the various experiments.

Biology Lab

The biology lab of our school is also spacious, well ventilated with modern equipments required for biology experiments

Computer Lab.

Well equipped Computer Lab has latest Configuration and Updating of Software is given top priorty. We believe that a child after learning in the School will be fully equipped to deal with any aspect of Computer based learning.

Maths Lab

For better understanding and learning the basic key concept of Maths, we have developed Maths Lab which is equipped with materials specially designed for kids.