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Establishment of ‘The Kingston Public School’ owes its origin to the great visionary an educationist Shri Bikram Singh Rawat the founder and Principal of the Kingston family with vast experience in the field of education and a zeal to spread the light of enlightenment to reach the remote corners of the city. He undertook the historic task of founding the Kingston Public School in the year 1997. The KPS has found its place as one of the best Public Schools of Uttrakhand and registered one of the highest percentages of successful students since last 23 years.

The School has a sprawling campus with classrooms designed in a manner to ensure natural lighting and Ventilation. The dedicated labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology ensure a practical understanding of theory. The well stocked library has a wide array of books for reference as well as to inculcate the habit of extensive reading. The students participate in a wide array of extracurricular activities ranging from various sports, self defence, yoga, art & craft etc


Principal's Desk

As we sow so shall we reap’ is a saying familiar to all of us. In order to reap success we must sow the right seeds and perform the right deeds at the right time. You get back from life what you give to it. You are the master of your fate and maker of your destiny. If you’ want good thing in your life you must work for them. By sowing the seeds of hard work and dedication, our students attained very good Score in the Board examinations. On behalf of Kingston Public School family I extend my warm greetings and felicitation to all the students. School education is undergoing a process of rapid transformation due to dynamically changing educational scenario all over the world. For today’s youth, life after high school holds both opportunities and challenges. The challenge is to acquire the education and skills necessary to get the opportunities. Students must leave school with solid grounding in the academic, social and workplace skills needed for the Next step i.e. new career options. It is imperative that school teachers embark on continued updating of their knowledge and skills in order to meet emerging challenges efficiently. From time to time we send our teachers for various orientation programmes..

MD's Message

As we embark upon the 23rd year of our glorious journey l’d will like to thank one and all to make this a roller coaster ride. We had set up Kingston Public School with the aim of fulfilling the needs and aspirations of parents and students. To provide sound basic education in English Medium along modern lines. The selection of faculty was on the criteria that they recognize and realize it as the most urgent and sacred part of their duty for the formation of the character of students entrusted to their care.
We adopted as our goal, the best from our rich and varied heritage and inculcate a perfect all round education and development (in mind, physique and mental attitude) of the students which shall in him, lead them to be worthy, true and good citizens, of whom our country-India shall be proud of. While providing a full and liberal education we had the objective of turning out young men and women with keen sense of discipline, responsibility, initiative, self reliance, integrity and loyalty…


I’m delighted to welcome you to K.P.S’s serene , green and safe campus..
“Education awakens the power and beauty that lie within us.”
Learning in K.P.S is based on the fundamental principles of life, teaching the children to be courageous, confident, disciplined, responsible and loyal.
Our school’s motto discipline, dedication and devotion is our guiding force and we remain committed to our endeavors.

Our core values


The classrooms are spacious and well ventilated provided with quality furniture and plenty of room for the teachers and students movement all around.

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The School has a well stocked library having almost 6000 books on various subjects with latest editions and as per curriculum of CBSE.

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The Kingston Public School has well equipped laboratories with all apparatus and equipments, models, display charts etc.

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Kingston Public School is having a vast play ground with all equipments and facility for games like, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Badminton etc.

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Play School

Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children. Our philosophy is learning through play as we offer a stimulating environment for children.


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Our Happy Parents



 Kingstonites Outshines Once again by Cent Percent results in CBSE AISSCE Exams 2020-21..

 Kashish Padiyar Topped the School by securing 92% followed by Pooja Kumari & Mayank Gurung 85% and 81% respectively...

 10 Students scored 90 % Marks in English , 15 Students scored 90 % Marks in Physical Education.. History , Political Science , Physics , B. St

 Admission Open For Classes 1 to 9 and 11

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